Watch the Movie

Gramma & Ginga: The Movie was pre-released to our Kickstarter Backers in October, 2020.

If you were a backer and have not yet received your link, please CONTACT US.

We will be releasing the film worldwide to the general public through various online platforms in the

SUMMER OF 2021. Please make sure to join our MAILING LIST so that you will be

alerted when the release happens!

In the meantime... the film can be viewed for a limited time (and in limited regions) at the upcoming film festivals:

April 29- May 19       Indy Film Fest (United States)

May 6-16                 DOXA Documentary Festival (Canada)

June 3-20                  San Francisco Doc Fest (United States)

June 4- July 11            Doc Edge Film Festival (New Zealand & Australia)

June 10-24                Smoky Mountain Film Festival (United States)

(please note when you buy a ticket to a film festival you are supporting that festival,

these ticket prices are not set by the filmmakers)